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A new dawn in the world of fashion and design has emerged under the umbrella of MQ COLLECTIONS.
Emerging from the elegant fashion atmosphere of the modern Middle East, MQ COLLECTIONS has been established as an international brand with a unique philosophy proving fashion to be the greatest art of the 21st century, leading to success in the worldwide fashion industry.
MQ COLLECTIONS in a stroke of genius combines the latest fashion trends with an ancient culture and values.
MQ COLLECTIONS is proud to introduce to the world from the Middle East the greatest woman fashion designs, featuring all over the year and ideal for all women who love high fashion as it ranges from 14 to over 60 years old. Our collections comprehend and satisfy the needs of all women comprising both casual and formal wear, as well as special occasion dresses and party wear under one roof.
The ideal fashion formula, which provides significant design, high-quality and affordable prices, makes MQ COLLECTIONS the right choice for the modern-elegant woman.
MQ COLLECTIONS applies an advanced franchise system that assures the best outcome and efficiency. Once the strategic alliances are formed, this will allow the “FRANCHISEES” to benefit from a high continuous return, the global reach of MQ COLLECTIONS and the group network as a whole.
The mission of MQ COLLECTIONS is to explore the various countries worldwide by selling its products through the various franchisees to achieve mutual success for all related parties. This can be achieved by completing the “FRANCHISEES” form on the website or by contacting us directly in “CONTACT US”.
تأسست MQ COLLECTIONS كعلامةٍ تجاريةٍ عالميةٍ لفلسفةٍ فريدةٍ و إضافةٍ جوهريةٍ و حضاريةٍ كبرى إلى ما هو موجود في صناعة الأزياء العالمية بمختلف اتجاهاتها و سماتها، حيث تدمج MQ COLLECTIONS و بإسلوبٍ عبقريٍ فذَّ أحدث سمات وخطوط الأزياء العالمية مع ثقافات وقيم الشعوب المختلفة تقدم MQ Collections أروع تصاميم الأزياء النسائية على مدار السنة لجميع الفئات العمريه ابتداءً من 14 سنة و لفوق الـ 60 سنة لتغطي بشكل مناسب جميع احتياجات المرأة العصرية اليومية والمهنية وحتى السهرة و المناسبات الخاصة وذلك كله تحت سقف واحد التركيبة المثالية التي تدمج التصميم العصري الرائع والنوعية المتقنة والسعر المناسب تجعل من MQ COLLECTIONS الخيار الأمثل للمرأة العصرية الأنيقة، هذا كله مع مراعاة القيم السائدة والحشمة المطلوبة لدى كثير من الشعوب و في منطقة الشرق الأوسط على وجه الخصوص

MQ Collections     Bahrain Financial Harbour - West Tower 12th Floor - P.O.Box 18717   Kingdom of Bahrain   Phone: +973 16622888   Fax: +973 16622444   Email: info@mqfashion.com